The Road To Dendura - Creed Griffon Series - Young Adult Fiction - by C. L. Lewis

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The Road To Dendura - Young Adult Fiction Book - The Creed Griffon Series
The Road To Dendura - Young Adult Fiction Book - The Creed Griffon Series
C. L. Lewis
/ Young Adult Fiction Author

C. L. Lewis began her early career as an emergency medical technician working in the emergency room and field settings. Lewis furthered her medical education and eventually began a career in physical therapy. However, it was during her college years that she had an opportunity to tutor many students in the area of biological sciences and chemistry. That is when she realized teaching was her true passion. "I loved seeing that little light go on in someone's eyes when they finally understood the concept or equation I was trying to get across. Now that's an accomplishment! The feeling was so strong it never left me. "
- It may sound hokey but it's true - There's no better feeling than taking your mind off of yourself and really helping someone, even if it's as simple as paying them a compliment! From then on, I knew I enjoyed teaching no matter what I did. Mrs. Lewis went on to teach elementary school education. Before retirement, she became involved in a local home school chapter and eventually went on to found chapters of her own. "Home schooling has become a strong focus in my life, one I am passionately involved in to this day."

"Being a working parent or a stay at home parent is extremely demanding. One doesn't have to go to the extent of home schooling to be involved. However, you can choose to make a difference in your child's education by simply helping out with homework or having your own reading time. I know that parents have busy schedules or just need to relax when they come home. But, setting aside special time to help your child in these areas will strengthen your family relationships and lessen the demands on our teachers. I feel for our teachers. They are a critical part of society - just like parents. However, just like parents, they are underpaid, overloaded, and they do not get the respect they so richly deserve!"

C .L. Lewis loves writing creative fictional stories about adventure and mystery. "I've always enjoyed writing. I love fiction because you can go beyond the bounds of reality and ask yourself - What if? Reading is the foundation for many other disciplines. It applies to just about everything we do. I wanted to write a series that would help children and young adults want to read rather than feeling like it's a punishment. I wanted to help not only build their vocabulary, but their imaginations. Children need to imagine again. They don't need video games or television to do it for them, not that those things are wrong. Some say that necessity is the mother of invention. I believe imagination is the mother of invention:"

C. L. Lewis has written many stories, but her first heavily publicized work was Book One of The Creed Griffon Series. Lewis said, "The Creed Griffon Series was, and is being, written to inspire her own students to read more and to spend less time watching television." We asked her if her plan worked, and she said, "It most certainly did! They discovered what I'd hoped they would discover. " "Each one realized that a good children's fiction book can literally make you forget about your here and now. It can transport and thrust a reader into whatever world or situation is in the book."

She went on to say, "Good young adult fiction books and well written fiction stories are not dull; they are full of excitement and danger! They expand the mind and open the door to creativity and imagination for all ages. Creed Griffon is an amazing young boy with all the common hopes and fears of children of his age. Such as life, he is put into situations that test his integrity and moral fiber. He does not quit! He does not let his friends down! Like a true hero, he endures and overcomes despite the difficult trials he must face." Lewis is currently working on the remaining books of The Creed Griffon Series. She has a total of five books planned and her second book of the series is well under way.

> Various blogs around the Internet are already calling Creed Griffon - "The Next Harry Potter." Be sure to pick up your copy of The Road To Dendura here at, or Barnes and Noble (paperback - or Nook and Kindle format).
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